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Health tips for the New Year

posted Jan 4, 2011, 6:01 AM by

A New Year brings a Fresh Start. 


10 most popular New Year’s Resolutions:

1.    Lose weight

2.    Manage debt

3.    Save money

4.    Get a better job.

5.    Get fit

6.    Get a better education.

7.    Drink less alcohol.

8.    Quit smoking.

9.    Reduce overall stress.

10.  Take a trip.


Look for upcoming nutrition and fitness advice from your parish nurses. 


The start of a new year often means the start of new habits.  A healthy diet and regular physical activity can easily be achieved by making some of these easy, conscious decisions. 


Family, fun and FOOD!  It’s what the holidays are about, right?  This doesn’t mean you have to pack on the pounds over the holidays.  Start your new year with a new you.  Learn how to balance the calories you consume with the calories you burn and avoid weight gain. 


Modify recipes to reduce the amount of fat and calories.  For example, try skim milk instead of whole milk or 2% milk.  Here are some other easy substitutions:  Low fat or fat free sour cream for regular sour cream, chicken breast instead of a thigh, whole wheat bread for white bread, and diet soda or water instead of regular soda. 


Cut back 100 calories a day and lose up to ten pounds a year. 

100 calories equals one cup of regular soda, one tablespoon of butter or one ounce of cheese.


When snacking in from of the TV, put only the amount that you wish to eat in a bowl instead of eating out of the bag.  It’s easy to over eat when your attention is focused somewhere else.


Choose water, diet soda or low calorie beverages instead of sugar-sweetened beverages.  Limit your alcoholic beverage intake.  Alcoholic drinks can have many calories.  Limit your alcohol calories by drinking more water. 


Get more active.  Involve your friends and family and be creative in ways to be active.  Take a walk with your kids.  Put on your favorite music and dance away the calories.


Need an action plan on how to include fruits and vegetables every time you eat?  Visit the Fruits and Veggies Matter website at


Looking for sound, science-based advice on weight control, getting stronger muscles and bones, and balanced nutrition.  Then visit where you will also find the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005.


My Pyramid and My Pyramid for Kids are the U.S Dept of Agriculture’s food guidance system.  Visit for more information.  You can personalize and tailor the recommendations to your lifestyle. 


Did you know that pets can benefit your health?

Pets can decrease your:

Blood pressure



Feelings of loneliness.


Pets can increase your:

          Opportunities for outdoor exercise

          Opportunities for socialization.


They say, if your pet is over weight then YOU are not getting enough exercise.