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Weight and the Holidays

posted Nov 6, 2010, 11:04 AM by

Weight and the Holidays


Don’t put on those extra pounds during the holidays.  It is estimated that the average person will gain five to ten pounds during the holiday season.  Start planning now for steps to take to eat healthy and exercise during the holidays.  Here are a few tips for eating healthy and avoiding weight gain during the holidays:


1.     Eat smaller portions.  Choose the foods you like but take smaller portions. 

2.     Eat slowly.  Savor each bite and chew slower.  Chances are you’ll end up eating less.

3.     Take a walk after you eat.  This would be a great time to spend more quality time with your family members. 

4.     Bring a low calorie dish to the holiday party.  You’ll know that at least one dish will be lower in fat.

5.     Don’t mingle around the buffet of food.  You’ll eat more if you stand closer to the food.

6.     Try to avoid fast food.  Try and prepare and freeze healthy meals ahead of time.

7.     Be realistic.  Aim to maintain your current weight and not diet during the holidays.

8.     Eat a healthy snack before attending a party.  If you go to the party hungry, you’ll be more likely to overeat.

9.     Watch what you drink.  Many drinks with alcohol add extra calories.  Look for diet drinks and water to drink.   Health and Human Services. 


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