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Easter 2012

posted Apr 10, 2012, 4:59 AM by fathermark@stmaryshuntingburg.org

Easter Sunday

April 8, 2012


                "They saw, and they believed."

Simon Peter and John entered the empty tomb where Jesus had been laid ...

"They saw and believed."

Based on what Jesus had predicted ... based on the miracles that they had seen with their own eyes ... based on the trust that had grown up in them over the previous three years ... they saw the empty tomb and they believed.

Soon enough, they would see the risen Jesus with their own eyes; but, for now, the sight of the empty tomb was enough for them to believe.


                Of course, the order reversed for us:

We believe ... and then we can see.

Until we really believe, we simply can't see.

Our belief ... our faith ... is precisely a way of "seeing" ...


                Now, even in our common parlance, someone will say " Do you see what I mean?" ... when, in fact, he doesn't mean literally physically "seeing" in any way.

And we might respond: "Yeah, I see exactly what you mean" ... meaning, not that we physically "see" anything new ... but rather "I see what you mean" means that it makes sense ...  we understand something clearly enough that it's "kind of like" seeing something with our own eyes ...


                Those first disciples "saw and believed"

We believe, and so we see."


                When we have faith in Jesus ... to the degree that we have real faith in him ... when our belief in him and who he is  and what he has done and can do and has promised to do ...

... when we believe ... then we can see ... we can see that, whatever television or commercials or advertizing tells us .. what's really important in life is loving and caring,  family and faith, ... not just the things of this passing life but eternal life.

When faith gives us true vision ... we can see what's really worth our time and what's really, ultimately not ... at least, not as much time or energy or distraction as we sometimes give ...

When we believe ... we can see the person in front us ... not as a stranger or an enemy or an inconvenience ... rather, we can the person as a brother or a sister ... we can see them as Jesus himself.

When we believe, we can see beyond the pain of our hurt ... and see the possibility of real forgiveness.

When we really believe ... then we can see that God will bring good out of this loss, this difficulty, this suffering ... we can see it in faith ... even though our physical eyes tell us something different at this moment.

When we really believe, we can look with our physical eyes on this sometimes dark world of ours ... a world full of wars and terrorism and violence and poverty and innocent suffering and untimely death ... and faith can let us see what our physical eyes could never see ... the hope of a better tomorrow ...


                "They saw, and they believed."

Today, we are invited to believe ... or to believe more deeply ... so what we can truly see what God has done ... and what God  has made possible ... and what God has promised in the miracle of the death and resurrection of his Son.