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150th Anniversary History Book

posted Feb 4, 2011, 12:31 PM by Jane Wendholt
A brief history of the parish is being prepared for the 150th anniversary year.  The history for the 100th anniversary has been edited up to 1961.  It is organized according to the terms of the pastors over the years and ends with the construction of the new school ,the present Parish Activity Center.  Much help will be needed.  Following the outline of the early parish history can you identify the main events that occurred in the parish during these pastorates and the year in which they occurred? Information does not need to be in great detail.
Fr. Raphael Hirsch, OSB            1958-1967 (after the construction of the new school in 1961)
Fr. Marcellus Fisher OSB           1967-1977
Fr. Alban Berling OSB                1977-1980
Fr. Meinrad Brune OSB              1980-1984
Fr. Geoffrey Gaughan, OSB        1984-1987
Fr. Pius Klein, OSB                   1987-2008
Fr. Mark O'Keefe OSB                2008-present
Please jot your information down, give it to Fr. Mark, email it, drop it by the office, put it in the collection basket or call the Parish Office and tell Jane.  We can then put the articles together and add them to the history.  We hope to have the history ready by the May 1 celebration.