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posted Jun 17, 2011, 9:57 AM by Jane Wendholt   [ updated Jun 17, 2011, 10:12 AM ]

Let your ideas be included in the Parish Councils’ discussion of the priorities on which our parish ought to focus in the next year or so. Here are some ideas that we have so far:

1) Improving hospitality and a sense of welcome for visitors and new members

2) A greater parish focus on outreach to youth and family

3) Outreach to fallen-away, inactive Catholics

4) A focus on providing teaching and clarity on what the Church teaches

5) More adult faith formation opportunities

6) Focus on private and communal devotions and prayer

7) Finding creative ways to take our fine Religious Education program to “the next level”

8) Greater, organized outreach to the homebound and Parishioners in nursing homes.

9) Promote St. Mary’s as a “teaching parish” that serves as a leader and center for adult faith education.

10) Better integration of Hispanics into parish life.

11) Improve the social outreach of the parish to the needy in the area.
12) Build on the new developments in our parish liturgical music.

13) Improve a sense of belonging, fellowship, and community among parishioners.

14) Better outreach to families touched by divorce.

15) Better outreach to the bereaved.

These possible priorities are not in any particular order or ranking. The Council solicits comment from the parishioners on these possibilities and invites other ideas. If you would like to comment, send a note or drop it in the collection, OR speak with any member of the Council. Mona Wager (chairperson), Stacy Kappner, Jim Heidorn, Ralph Wagner, Steve Blessinger, Michelle Fischer, Jerry Olinger, Wilfred Begle, Matt Pund, Jean Walk, Tom Holsworth, and Paul Betz.