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The Windows of St. Marys

Left Side                                                                                                                                 Right Side

               Emblem - Portal                                                                                                              Emblem - Crown

PROPHECY: IMMACULATE CONCEPTION                                                             CORONATION OF MARY

               Emblem - Spotless Lamb                                                                                               Emblem - Michael, Archangel

IMMACULATE CONCEPTION                                                                                      ASSUMPTION OF MARY


               Emblem - M (Mary)                                                                                                      Emblem - Gate of Heaven

NATIVITY OF MARY                                                                                                     DEATH OF MARY

               Emblem - Ladder to Heaven                                                                                      Emblem - Seat of Wisdom

PRESENTATION OF MARY                                                                                        PENTECOST


               Emblem - Lily/Dove                                                                                                    Emblem - Phoenix

MARRIAGE OF MARY/JOSEPH                                                                                  CHRIST APPEARS TO MARY

               Emblem - Lily/Hands                                                                                                  Emblem - Hour Glass

ANNUNCIATION OF THE LORD                                                                               PIETA


               Emblem - Mystical Rose                                                                                            Emblem - Crown/Nails

VISITATION OF BLESSED VIRGIN                                                                             MARY UNDER THE CROSS

               Emblem - Rose                                                                                                            Emblem - Veil of Veronica

NATIVITY OF JESUS                                                                                                    CHRIST MEETS HIS MOTHER


               Emblem - Pierced Heart                                                                                            Emblem - Joseph's symbol

PRESENTATION OF JESUS                                                                                         DEATH OF JOSEPH

               Emblem - Keys                                                                                                             Emblem - Grapes

ADORATION BY MAGI                                                                                               WEDDING FEAST AT CANA


               Emblem - Eye of God (choir)                                                                                    Emblem - Ora et Labora (choir)

LIGHT INTO EGYPT                     (choir)                                                                    MARY AT NAZARETH                     (choir)

               Emblem - River/Trees(cry room)                                                                             Emblem - Ten Commandments

RETURN FROM EGYPT               (cry room)                                                             FINDING IN THE TEMPLE (hidden)

__________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                              WINDOWS IN THE FACADE

QUEEN OF ANGELS                                                          MAGNIFICAT                  HELP OF CHRISTIANS

At bottom: Religious                                      (Sts. Meinrad, Cyril,

Education Center, St.                                     Francis de Sales, Benedict:

Mary's Church/Rectory.)                Kunigunda, Gertrude,

                                                                           Rose of Lima, and Zita)




PORTAL  - Mary was the portal or door through which Jesus entered our world.

SPOTLESS LAMB - Mary, like Jesus, was born into our world free from sin.


"M" - The golden "M" stand for Mary, our Queen.


LADDER TO HEAVEN - Mary's son, Jesus, is our way to Heaven.


LILY/DOVE - The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and refers to Mary's virginal conception.


LILY/HANDS - Joined hands is a sign of Marriage and refers to the Marriage of Mary & Joseph



MYSTICAL ROSE - Mary is that perfect flower through which Jesus is born.


ROSE -Mary's child is like a rose blooming in the thick of winter, a tender stem of Jesse's line.


PIERCED HEART - The prophet warned Mary that a sword would pierce her heart.


KEYS - Symbol of power, Jesus is the key to heaven.


EYE OF GOD - God kept careful watch over Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


RIVER/TREES - God was with the Holy Family wherever they went.


DECALOGUE - Another name for the Ten Commandments.

                              Jesus was obedient to Mary and Joseph;.


"ORA ET LABORA" - Benedictine Motto of "Pray and Work".


GRAPES - The sign of Jesus first miracle - prompted by His Mother, Mary.


JOSEPH - The Father of Jesus.


VERONICA'S VEIL - Jesus' sweaty and bloody face appeared on Veronica's veil.


CROWN/NAILS - Instruments of Jesus' crucifixion.


HOUR GLASS - Jesus' mission was complete.  His time had run its course.


PHOENIX - Legendary bird that rose from the dead.

                       Jesus is the first to rise from the dead.


SEAT OF WISDOM - Through Mary comes the Wisdom of God - Jesus.


GATE OF HEAVEN - Mary enters Heaven through her Son.


ANGEL MICHAEL - Mary was safely delivered to heaven by the Angel Michael, God's power.


CROWN - Mary is crowned the Queen of Heaven.

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