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Our Ministries

St. Mary's is blessed with a wide variety of ministries

that our parishioners are involved in.

From quilt making to prison ministry, many have answered God's call to help one another and those in need.

How about you?

What is God calling you to do?

Youth Groups

St. Mary's boasts one of the largest and most active youth groups in the diocese. Lead by Angie Evans and Phil Hayden, our young people are actively involved in the world around them to help those in need and make the world a better place.  

Youth Groups (Middle School and Hight School) meet Wednesdays from 6-7:15pm during the school year. (Oct-March)

See the "schedule" link for the extended schedule.

Religious Education

Realizing the great importance of planting the seed of faith in our young people St. Mary's is blessed with a dedicated group that share their faith and nurture the seed so it will grow strong and healthy. Lead by Rachel Wright all age groups are welcome and through her dedication kids not only learn their faith but have fun along the way.



This group of dedicated ladies spend their days creating works of art from the scraps of cloth they use. Crafted with love their works are always highly sought after and a matter of great pride to our parish. Come join them?

Quilters meet Mondays and Wednesdays in Activity Center Room 7 from 8:30 -12:00pm Rm 6.   

See link for Quilt of the Month



The women's groups of St. Mary's are without a doubt the most active. There are a wide variety of things women can take part in t not only grow their faith but make some new friends as well.




Young and old, men and women are involved in nearly every activity going on in our area. St. Mary's has always been a "go to" place when volunteers are needed for anything. Come join us make the world a better place.

Men's Ministries

St. Mary's is blessed with a number of men's groups as well. Knights of Columbus is newly re-established. The men of our parish are actively involved in all matters of the parish and always step up to lend a hand when something needs done. We are blessed with a wide variety of skills and the men use them freely towards God's greater glory.

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